In Chinese culture, it symbolizes strength, enthusiasm and good luck.

Red Dragon In Chinese culture, Discover &Sell NFT

We are well aware of the unique charm of this theme and decided to integrate it into our digital asset project, aiming to attract global users' strong interest in Eastern culture

We are eager to create a unique meme world full of cultural connotations through this project.

Neno Red Dragon NFT
Kawayi Red Dragon NFT
Memo Red Dragon NFT
Dragon Red Dragon NFT
It is not just a digital asset project

but also a passionate pursuit of Eastern culture.

We chose this theme in the hope of arousing global users' strong interest in Eastern culture and prompting everyone to jointly explore this extensive and profound culture.

Digital Assets

Our project is more than just a meme coin, it is a digital tribute to traditional culture.

Community Passion

We pursue the establishment of an atmosphere of common identity and enthusiastic interaction within the "Red Dragon" community. 

Program features

An adventure of passion and growth together. Join us as your companion on your digital journey!

Unique NFT gift
& digital tribute to traditional culture

We will issue a total of 1,000 unique Dragon Culture NFTs. These NFTs will become special tokens for community members, symbolizing their important contributions to the “Red Dragon” project.

Art #1 Red Dragon NFT
Art #2 Red Dragon NFT
Art #3 Red Dragon NFT
Art #4 Red Dragon
Art #5 Red Dragon NFT

1000 NFTs

Customized Chinsese 2024 Spring Festival NFTS - Red Dragon

Welcome to Red Dragon NFTs

NFT gifts are waiting for you to collect

We invite you to join the "Red Dragon" community, explore the charm of Eastern culture, and participate in this creative and dynamic digital asset project. There are also 1,000 unique dragon culture NFTs waiting for you to claim! Whenever you contribute to the project, you are our hero and we would like to give you a special gift.


Roadmaps Development Timeline

After discuss with our amazing marketinig advisor team, we have build up the following roadmap step by step.


Idea Generation

Website and Decentralized APP build up by tech team, NFT mint phase , Smart contract delopyment and Audit byCertiK , Community Engagement and Marketing Advisor team up.


Initial Release &Partneships

Presale on Pinksale, Listing on Decentralized Exchanged, collaborations with partners, such as CertiK, Pinksale, KEKE, Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Pancakeswap, Kekeswap, Oggyswap etc.


Development &Listing

Listing on CEXs, eg LBANK, Bitmart, CoinW, Bitget, MEXC, Gate etc. NFT marketplace launch after listing on the first CEX, and starts global marketing Campaign.


Global Recognition

Build up with more projects on different chains, various ecosystem and stragetic partners on each phase to pump up the community growth.

Our Amazing
Marketing Advisors

We sincerely appreciate to our amazing marketing advisor team who support and trust in our work; Their generosity and encouragement are truly invaluable to us.

PC Ventures
Director of KEKE
Sigapore Consultant
Chinese Marketer
Baby Lisa
Chinese Marketer
Our Partners

We cooperate with Top Brands

Welcome to build up with more brands and projects on each phase, please DM us on telegram for new collaborations ASAP.


Why we must buy Red Dragon?

✅Safe contract with Doxxed team, and supported by many well-know marketing advisors. 

✅No team tokens

✅Smart Contract Audited

✅3-3 tax, Marketing

✅No shit things just bullish.

💎$Red Dragon Smart Contract: 


Total supply is 21,000,000,000,000 $Red Dragon

Mint our customized Chinese Dragon Red NFT on our website when available. But please remember you need to be whitelisted before mint.

It ’s the best way to join Red Dragon ecosystem and get lowest price before launch on pancakeswap. Also, it ’s memerable thing that Red Dragon ’s NFTs are customized and gifts for everyone.

No team tokens , 60% Presale, 30% Liqudity, 10% locked on Pinksale for preparing listing on CEXs.

Tax of $Red Dragon is buy 3% and sell 3% Market , ownership of contract will be renounced after launch

We don ’t have any private sale, but we do have whitelisted presale on pinksale after NFT mint ends.